A CloverPoint update.

WOW, January flew by at the Office. Most people enjoyed a nice break over the holidays, and came back fully rested. It is a good thing too, as 2012 is off to a blazing start.

Here is a little update c/o Bart Konings, Master of the universe, on what has been brewing in the cauldron that is CloverPoint

Recent Achievements:

Microsoft meeting with Spatial Ed! Several members of the team crossed the border to meet with some of our Southern neighbours in Redmond. Expect to hear more as the follow-up discussions get scheduled.

The latest build of Insight Community Planning has found its way to the UBC servers. We still have a little work to do before we can put a bow on it, but to my eyes it has never looked better and will only improve from here (I know, I know, you’re thinking “how is that even possible!?” – wait and see, my friends, just wait and see).

Speaking of releases, coming to a Land Registry Office near you is the Huu-ay-aht licensed Insight land registry application. This was a big hit at the recent Aboriginal Land Conference that we attended in Vancouver last week, so expect to hear about new developments in the weeks ahead.

Our GIS team is rocking it out as we head into March madness, and they still find time to help out with little issues that pop up.

Looming Victories:

Deja-vu? Not this time! The first release of MapSocial is fast approaching, and interest is continuing to rise. I had a look at it yesterday – prepare to be amazed!

Our partners at Stantec are continuing to push Insight into their client facing solutions. Both University of Alberta and BCIT should be starting up soon, and we’re expecting plenty of excitement to come out of Buildex this week.

Upcoming Events:

It’s confirmed, CloverPoint is moving downtown! More details on the new location as we get closer to the move.

That’s all for now, folks.

If you have any questions about anything that goes on at the office don’t hesitate to ask!


Social Geomedia

Every time I use this phrase someone tells me “Geomedia is Trademarked’.  I realize this, and if I were Intergraph (the company that owns the software suite called Geomedia) I would be stoked to be associated with this phrase I keep claiming to have coined.

Why would I be excited you ask?

Because social is the way of the future. We have already called the social shift in the internet ‘Web 2.0’. We could just as easily call Social Geomedia ‘GIS 2.0’. I’m defining Social Geomedia as Crowd Sourced data that has a spatial component and, via live social media feeds, is used to infer a social ‘pulse’ based on location. And I have just made myself the expert on this topic. BOOM!

So where is all this excitement coming from? I gave a talk at MISA BC on GIS day last Friday, and despite the fact that everything that could go wrong from a technology aspect did go wrong, the presentation was a blast, and generated good dialogue in the room and on twitter!

For the Presentation slides that show some of the topics I covered see my Prezi. Disclaimer: These are visual ques and eye-candy to supplement my presentation, not tell all the gory details – that is what I do. If you want more info on anything please contact me.

The 30 second mash-up of the twitter feeds timeline was really popular and I have had a lot of requests to post a link so here it is. Just search for misabc (or anything your heart desires) and watch the tweets pop up!

This is just ONE simple application of ONE social media avenue. Now, scale up and think about the possibilities….