Wake Up Victoria :: Free Coffee

In honour of coffee, and how much we love it here at CloverPoint, we have decided to make an event out of Wake up Victoria this Friday, September 28th 2012 from early until 10:00 AM.

What is ‘Wake Up Victoria’ you ask? Well the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA), and Downtown Victoria cafes are giving away free coffee as a thank you. That’s right, I said FREE! Just bring your own mug to any of the locations on this map, and enjoy your delicious coffee.

The crew at CloverPoint will be touring the town searching for the best coffee (and giving away free stickers if you find us). Follow us as we post all the photos on MapSocial and tweet about our adventures. If you see us be sure to say hello!

Like MapSocial on Facebook and we will invite YOU to post YOUR downtown cafe pictures. Who knows, we may even buy you lunch if we think the photo is worthy!

Thanks to the Downtown Victoria Business Association and all the cafes downtown. We’ll see you on Friday!


After 2 decades…



After 2 decades of photographing the Inside Passage Pat and Rosemarie Keough have completed the Tome ‘Labyrinth Sublime: The inside Passage‘. It is a photojourney from Seattle to Alaska unleashing the pristine beauty of the west coast in a fashion that only the most talented and dedicated photographers can achieve.

When Rosemarie Keough approached CloverPoint almost 2 years ago to create a series of maps to illustrate their journey through the Inside Passage we had no idea we what we were being asked to contribute to. The beauty and care that went into creating this work of art is unparalleled. From photography to binding, lithography, and even marketing the Keough’s have managed the process from beginning to end.

Despite personal struggles with cancer the Keoughs have produced their second monumental publication that must be seen to be believed. CloverPoint is honoured to have been able to contribute to such a masterful collection, and hopes that this book will bring awareness to preservation of BC’s natural beauty.

Read more about Labyrinth Sublime in the Times Colonist and on the Keough’s Website

Read about CloverPoint’s services here

Social Geomedia

Every time I use this phrase someone tells me “Geomedia is Trademarked’.  I realize this, and if I were Intergraph (the company that owns the software suite called Geomedia) I would be stoked to be associated with this phrase I keep claiming to have coined.

Why would I be excited you ask?

Because social is the way of the future. We have already called the social shift in the internet ‘Web 2.0’. We could just as easily call Social Geomedia ‘GIS 2.0’. I’m defining Social Geomedia as Crowd Sourced data that has a spatial component and, via live social media feeds, is used to infer a social ‘pulse’ based on location. And I have just made myself the expert on this topic. BOOM!

So where is all this excitement coming from? I gave a talk at MISA BC on GIS day last Friday, and despite the fact that everything that could go wrong from a technology aspect did go wrong, the presentation was a blast, and generated good dialogue in the room and on twitter!

For the Presentation slides that show some of the topics I covered see my Prezi. Disclaimer: These are visual ques and eye-candy to supplement my presentation, not tell all the gory details – that is what I do. If you want more info on anything please contact me.

The 30 second mash-up of the twitter feeds timeline was really popular and I have had a lot of requests to post a link so here it is. Just search for misabc (or anything your heart desires) and watch the tweets pop up!

This is just ONE simple application of ONE social media avenue. Now, scale up and think about the possibilities….

Is the GIS Consultant Dead?

GIS Evolution

One question I get asked all the time is ‘How did CloverPoint manage to come out of the recession stronger than before?’ I always answer diversification, but in reality, I want to say unrelenting ambition, and an If-you-build-it-they-will-come outlook, but that sounds cheesy.
The truth about CloverPoint is this: we are no longer purely “GIS Consultants”, but shhh….don’t tell anybody.
As the longest standing employee of CloverPoint (other than Jeff Warwick – the head honcho) I have had the rare pleasure of participating in the company’s evolution from GIS analysis and cartography company to a full blown software development shop. We have come to realize that the power of spatial information is not solely in how it is stored, but how it is shared. GIS in the hands of the masses is a powerful tool that can bring social and economic change (as long as the ‘masses’ are not messing with my data!), but only if they are using it in an environment where they are comfortable, and inspired.
So, do I think the GIS consultant is dead? In short, no. These skills are still our core competencies at CloverPoint, and that will never change. There will always be a role for those who make maps and analyze/model data. The shift we ARE witnessing is GIS as a skill set instead of GIS as a career. It seems GIS applications are on everyone’s desk, tablet and mobile device. In just a few decades the technology has gone from Computer Mapping (70s), to Spatial Database Management (80s) and Map Analysis/Modeling (90s). The basement GIS consultant can still thrive supported by piecemeal government GIS Contracts, but a burgeoning IT company in the technically savvy capital city of BC has to be so much more.
So what does CloverPoint do now you ask? Well, we will save that for the next post…
And as for me – well, It has been a ride or die journey as I have had to carve out my own role in the wake of an economic recession, changing environment, and shifting economy, but in the end I am better for it, and I have the joy of waking up every morning, stoked to get on my bike and cruise to my office to hang out with my favourite group of geeks…
So, how has the GIS paradigm shift affected you? For the Better? Or for the Best?