About Me

This is me.

I am a professional female working in the Information Technology sector and living in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC. This Blog is dedicated to sharing ideas about how technology can make our lives better, and is incorporated into all facets of our daily life.

I like to think of myself as a Victoria Urbanite. What does that entail? Well in my opinion:

40% Techie: I love technology! For those that do not know it Victoria is absolutely brimming with talented individuals from programmers to artists. I luckily get to work with the funnest and smartest of all of them at CloverPoint.

30% Health Nut: I love running, and all forms of physical exercise especially soccer. I take a keen interest in nutrition and have even experimented with being Vegan. I make sure to get by 5 servings of fruits an vegetables every day!

20% Hippie: Did I mention that I grow a bunch of those servings of fruits and vegetables myself? And volunteer at farm markets, and make my family cloth shopping bags for Christmas. I like to think that I am just borrowing this planet from the next generation and want to leave it in a better condition than when I got here!

10% Redneck:  I drive a 4 wheel drive 6 cylinder vehicle and love rugged adventures in the bush!


1 thought on “About Me

  1. Congrats on your award! Very well deserved. Thanks for a fun two days and the link.
    All the best – JHMaps
    “I can’t say I understand modern music, but I sure like the noise it makes.” – Brother Theodore

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