GeoAlberta Round Deux – Watch out Calgary

Well, I have officially come full circle since I started this Blog.

One year ago I started this blog after attending GeoAlberta, and I am scheduled to present again next Tuesday May 9th at 9:00. This year is extra special because it marks the 10th Anniversary of GeoAlberta. Every year there is a new ‘theme’ at GeoAlberta, and this year’s theme is Ga3 – Geospatial Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone.

I can dig it.

It is no secret that mobile and cloud based technologies are becoming more and more prevalent. But are we using these technologies to their full potential, or just incorporating them because they are available? If you want my opinion, or to just see some sexy case studies come to my presentation ‘Not Your Grandmother’s Cloud’.

So, register for the conference if you haven’t already, check out the schedule for the week, and make sure you connect with us via e-mail or twitter when you are there!


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